With the continuous stop-and-go driving we do in the Omaha metro, it’s in your best interest to have your vehicle’s brakes checked once a year. If Guaranteed Brakes finds and fixes just one problem now, it can prevent more expensive repairs and possibly even an accident later. Because when your brakes begin failing, you risk the safety of your passengers–and those in the car ahead of you.

Do I have a brake problem?

If you're experiencing problems with your brakes, bring your car ASAP to Guaranteed Brakes
Here are the most common warning signs that you need to get your brakes fixed ASAP:

  • Hear a high-pitched squeak when you push on the brakes
  • Hear a grinding or scratching sound when braking–or even when not braking
  • Feel a shaking or vibration when braking
  • Pushing further down on pedal–more than normal–when braking
  • See a light come on your dash–a brake light or an ABS light

When you come to Guaranteed Brakes, we’ll do a complete inspection of your brake system. Some problems are quite obvious. But a thorough check of the entire brake system could reveal other problems that will only surface sooner or later. When we’re finished, Guaranteed Brakes has your vehicle’s brakes feeling and operating like brand new.

Comprehensive Brake Repair

For brakes to perform at their best, every individual component of the system must be fully functional and work harmoniously with all other components. Guaranteed Brakes does an extensive exam and repair of all system parts which includes:
All brake work at Guaranteed Brakes has a lifetime warranty on parts and labor

  • brake pads or shoes replacement
  • floating or fixed brake caliper replacement
  • brake rotors replacement or resurfaced
  • drum and rotor service
  • brake fluid exchange
  • hydraulic system


Guaranteed Brakes provides you a lifetime warranty on brake pads, brake shoes and labor to install them!

Anti-Lock Braking System – ABS

The dashboard warning light of your ABS - Anti lock Braking System
Your vehicle’s anti-lock braking system is a safety structure that allows your wheels to maintain traction on the road surface while braking,and not locking up going into an uncontrolable skid. The ABS provides improved control of your vehicle while decreasing stopping distances on both dry and slippery surfaces.

If the ABS Warning lights up on your dashboard it typically means the system has detected a problem and has shut itself down. Your brakes will continue to work but you run a greater risk of locking up the wheels if trying to stop suddenly. You don’t want to drive very long or far before getting your car into the brake shop.

Guaranteed Brakes will do a complete brake system check to determine if the ABS detected a problem with your brake pads, calipers, drums, rotors and hydraulics. Then we will examine the other four key components of your anti lock brake system:

  • speed sensors
  • valves
  • pump
  • controller