Just as vital as well-performing brakes is your vehicle’s steering system.

You take your ability to steer for granted until you have problems. When that happens, don’t jeopardize your safety with a compromised capacity to maneuver your vehicle. Bring your vehicle car, truck or SUV in to Guaranteed Brakes as soon as possible to inspect and repair your steering.

What are symptoms of steering problems?

  • It’s hard to turn your steering wheel, especially at slow speeds
  • You hear a rubbing sound or feel a vibration when turning the steering wheel
  • While turning your steering wheel there is a noticeable noise coming from the engine area–your power steering pump
  • Your steering wheel is very loose and it’s difficult to drive straight

Guaranteed Brakes can reliably repair your vehicle’s steering system.

When you bring your vehicle to Guaranteed Brakes we’ll inspect the entire steering system to diagnose the real causes of your problem. Guaranteed Brakes works on both rack-and-pinion and recirculating-ball steering systems. Key components Guaranteed Brakes can inspect, repair or replace in your vehicle’s steering system include:

  • Steering box
  • Constant velocity joint
  • Vehicle speed sensor
  • Power steering pump, hoses and fluid
  • Tie rods, boots and joints

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